About us

About the Green

Penny Lane Millennium Green was established in 2000 to provide an attractive space for the enjoyment of the whole community.

We are proud to be home to a wide range of birds, insects and even a few hedgehogs. We have well established trees and room to grow more.

With the events of recent years and the ever increasing pressures on the climate/environment, there has never been a more important time for green spaces such as this.

Meet the Team

For the past 22 years, Penny Lane Millennium Green has been looked after entirely by a team of volunteers and currently receives no council funding.

Over time, the team that looks after the park has changed and evolved. We've recently added a few new members and we're meeting regularly to work on our plans for keeping the green well maintained and engaging with the community which it serves. Monthly clean-up events are going well and we and plans for a calendar of events are taking shape.

We are dedicated to securing the future of Penny Lane Millennium Green and making it as beneficial and accessible as possible.

Anna Colao


With over 20 years experience in youth/community work and social enterprise, I hope to serve the committee and facilitate the community to be part of the green's activities. I am dedicated to the green that helped so many of us get through lockdowns during the pandemic.

I have a passion for trees, plants, woodland preservation and permaculture. As an example, i'm currently working with a local school to develop environmental literacy workshops that includes tree planting and care.

I am also currently working with the below organisations in an educational capacity:



Dave Bullock


I’ve lived next to the Millennium Green for more than twenty years and love our own little bit of green and natural minipark. I also love the fact that it is ours, all of ours, to look after, enjoy and get the benefit from. It brings people together and the more we love it, the more we will all get from it.

I have been involved with the Committee as Treasurer for some years now, looking after the money we need to make sure we can afford to look after the trees, plants and wildlife, tidy up, keep the grass cut and everything else we need to do.

I’m always on the look out for donations (one-off or regular) to help keep us going. Please feel free to contact me if you want to contribute a little something to our little oasis or try our donate page

Elliot Wainwright

I moved back to Liverpool with my girlfriend in 2018 after 7 intense years of working in London. The plan was to spend as much time as possible eating, drinking and partying in town since we had missed Liverpool so much whilst we were down south. We ended up getting a dog, getting engaged, having a baby and then getting stuck in a pandemic! Now i'm on the committee for a community green space. Not so rock 'n' roll but hear me out...

Before the lockdowns, my job took me all around the world. Living down south and travelling all the time meant I was never really 'home'. Moving back to Liverpool, making friends at Penny Lane Millennium Green and properly connecting with the area I live in has really given me that sense of 'home'.

My ambition for the green is to get the adjoining field fully incorporated so that we can build a truly effective space for everyone in the community. That way it will hopefully feel like home to lots of other people for years to come.

I'm also the techy geek who made this site.

John Oldfield

I’ve lived close to the green for the past 30 years and got involved with the general upkeep a few years back, after bringing dog Ruby for walks.

I’m a director of a local external works company specialising in ground works and landscaping. As such, I’m able to advise on health and safety issues, conduct risk assessments and provide support/insight when it comes to the practical matters such as adding drainage or purchasing/maintaining/using equipment for the green.

Dave Pope

I live locally and discovered the Green through taking my dog for walks there. I'm a keen cyclist and enjoy the outdoors.

The Green is a beautiful and tranquil place and my aim is to make it inclusive and accessible, involving as many local people as possible in its upkeep and development.

I volunteer to help coordinate maintenance of the Green to keep it tidy and ensure it is a welcoming and safe place for all in the area.

Penny Lane Millennium Green wouldn't be where it is today without the people who have volunteered their time (and donated their money!) over the years. Thier efforts in securing the land initially and then maintaining it, fundraising for it and making it a welcoming place for those that visit has left a lasting mark on our society. A special thanks to: Alan, Chris, Harold, James, Karen, Linda, Linzi, Nigel, Patricia, Roxy, Stanley

If you'd like to get involved with the green, take a look at our events page or find out how you can volunteer. If you are interested in becoming a part of the team, contact us!